Valentin ’Eywek’ Touffet

Backend developer

About me

I'm a french web developer since 2013, I've started learning from myself using online lessons, my first project was a free CMS for a tiny game called Minecraft, the second one is available on Github.
I was a 42born2code's student from nov. 2017 to feb. 2018, then I worked at Keymetrics (PM2) as Lead backend developer. I'm currently working at Reelevant as Backend developer.

My knowledges

I'm curious, perfectionist and persistent, I love learning new stuffs, develop things from scratch and deploy them to scale.

HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript PHP MySQL NodeJS MongoDB Git / GitHub C Docker AWS Linux NGINX Redis

My works



Current Job NodeJS Typescript MongoDB Redis GCP Stackdriver Scaling Kubernetes CI / CD


NodeJS Typescript MongoDB ElasticSearch Redis NGINX / HAProxy CI / CD Docker Prometheus Hashistack
MineWeb website


CMS Minecraft PHP PM2 NodeJS MariaDB replication Elasticsearch MongoDB Support Community

Contact me

I'm currently busy with my work at Reelevant and not looking for any freelance work. I do not offer any support for MineWeb by email.